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www.okhelp.cz Privacy & Cookie Policy

www.okhelp.cz builds in analytics in our games to enable us to improve them, to give the user the best possible game experience. This samples anonymous non-personal data that simply allows us to find out what users do and do not like. www.okhelp.cz fully respects the user’s privacy and never collects information that could be directly linked to the user. www.okhelp.cz also displays advertisements to fund the creation of these games. This is all governed by the following privacy & cookie policy:

Unless explicitly given the opportunity to accept this policy inside an
app, please note that by using or otherwise accessing any www.okhelp.cz mobile
application, you are agreeing to this privacy & cookie policy. If you
do not agree to this privacy & cookie policy, please do not use or otherwise
access our applications.

Anonymous Data

www.okhelp.cz may collect and use anonymous data, via Google Analytics. We cannot identify you from this data. Such data is pooled to give us general statistics on our audience and usage of our apps.

For example, Google Analytics automatically samples a user’s country and
city, chosen device language, device model and make, screen resolution, app
version being used, operating system version, mobile phone network. This pooled
data provides statistics that can help us determine, for example, where our
apps are being most commonly used, and on which devices. This can help us
determine how to update our apps going forward.

Google Analytics also automatically collects data including app sessions
numbers, session lengths, screen visits, flow from screen to screen, and app
acquisition data (where a user came from to install an app). Alongside data
that is automatically collected by Google Analytics, we also collect our own
anonymous data on our app usage through Google Analytics. This includes game
settings chosen, game results and other general UI events. Taken together,
this data allows us to improve our apps in many ways. For example, if a high
proportion of users can’t beat level 1 in our game, we need to make it
easier. Such data can also help us improve artwork in the game (by knowing
what styles are most popular), or help us determine default option settings.
We also collect data on which of our apps are installed, so that we have a
better idea of which apps might be popular with users of another of our apps.
We also track the effectiveness of our in-app cross promotions (promoting
our own other apps).

None of this collected data can be linked to any individual, and it is pooled
to provide us with general usage and audience statistics. www.okhelp.cz reserves
the right to use the collected anonymous data ourselves or disclose it to
our partners.

Ad networks who provide adverts to our mobile applications may access your
unique device identifier and use this to tailor ads to you. Some apps may
request a location permission. In this case, your location is also anonymous
and is only used by Ad networks to help tailor ads relevant to your location.
Privacy Policy links for the networks we use are below.

Third Party Terms and Conditions

Please note that certain third parties, including but not limited to application
stores, may be needed in order for you to access our mobile applications.
These third parties have their own privacy policies which www.okhelp.cz cannot
control. You agree that www.okhelp.cz is not liable for their use of your personal

Links to Third Party Sites or Games

Our mobile applications are supported by advertisements, which provide access
to third party sites or apps.

Our mobile applications may provide access to third party social networking,
communication and search features.

Please be aware that, if you use any of these links you will leave our app
and the page you go to will not be governed by our privacy & cookie policy.
We cannot be responsible for the privacy of any information you provide whilst
outside of our app.

These third party sites or apps are not affiliated with or controlled by www.okhelp.cz. www.okhelp.cz are not responsible for their content or for the use of any information you may provide them. Our links to these sites or apps does not constitute our sponsorship of, or affiliation with, those sites or apps or the people or companies responsible for them.

Updates to this Policy

We may revise our privacy & cookie policy from time to time. When we
do, those changes will be reflected here (as accessed via our app pages on the relevant application store). Any significant change we make to data usage will
be drawn to your attention via our apps. We encourage you to review this privacy
& cookie policy from time to time. Your continued use of our applications
will signify your acceptance of the changes to this privacy & cookie policy.

Ad Networks & Analytics Policies

Advertising in our apps is provided by a number of third party ad networks. Analytics is provided by Google Analytics. www.okhelp.cz choose to only provide ad networks with a minimal set of application permissions required for these ads to function. These analytics and ad networks may use data and cookies to help determine which ads to show you. Each of their own privacy policies are listed below.


Please be aware that, any information provided as a result of your interaction
with these ads will not be governed by our privacy & cookie policy. Ads
may redirect you away from our app, and our privacy & cookie policy will
no longer apply outside of our app. We cannot be responsible for the privacy
of any information you provide whilst outside of our app, or any information
provided to any of these third parties.